Stairs or Escalator?


About 4 years ago, I started to using the stairs instead of the elevator in the buiding where I live. I live on the 3rd floor, so it is not like I’m climbing a high-rise. It all started because the elevator door broke. As soon as it closed, it  opened again. This got me scared, I though, “If it doesn’t close, maybe when it does close it won’t open!”. I thoght I was going to get trapped or even worse, that the elevator was going to fall free to the very bottom. So I desided to take the stairs. They temporally repair the elevator. They ordered a new part and it was going to take a week to arrive. The elevator was running, but it could brake at any time. There is a very old cuple that lives in my building, that for sure wouldn’t be able to take the stairs, so I told my daughter: “Sweety, form now on, we are taking the stairs, if the elevator has only 6 trips to run left before it brakes again, we are leaving them for our neighbors on the 6th floor”.

The elevator didn’t brake during that week, and I got used to go up and down the stars. Even my puppies got used to the stars. I noticed it wasn’t that bad and I got up faster than taking the elevator. So I starded to incorporate this to my daily life. Every time I have a choice, I take the stair instead of the escalator o elevator.

There is always a stair next to an escalator and close to and elevator. So why don’t we use them? Sometimes people take the escalator to go up to excarsise in a gym…. Climbing the stair help us burn more calories, improve our cardiovascular system and help us strengthen the movers (big) muscles, they carry our weight and the stabilizer muscles, improves our balance.

So next time you have a stair next to an escalator, think twice and I ecourage you to take the stairs


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