Dia de la Bandera


Today is the day that we Mexicans commemorate our flag. Each component has a very significant meaning. In the center there is the National Emblem, which refers to the story of the Aztec Indians traveling for many many years looking for what their gods had told them to found their city: an eagle standing on a nopal devouring a serpent. The color meanings have changed over the years. Originally, the white represented religion, (Catholics political dominant in those days). Green, freedom (Independence obtain from the rising Mexican people). Red, union (as Americans and Europeans united building a new population).

Now, as the church was separated from the political state, the green means hope, the white unity and the red the blood of the national heroes.

So, based on this colors, I decided to prepare a dish with this beautiful bright colors. This is easy, and flavorful. All the ingredients make this dish spectacular and delicious it just draws your attention.





1 Bunch of asparagus

1 Red Bell Pepper

2 Inches fresh ginger

Olive oil

Few drops of lime



  • Cut the ends of the asparagus
  • Chop the red bell pepper


  • Finely chop the ginger
  • Heat the olive oil and saute the ginger
  • Add the asparagus


  • When they turn bright green add the red bell peppers
  • And voila!





8 thoughts on “Dia de la Bandera

  1. mmmm….looks delicious! I can’t wait for the asparagus to poke its little heads up this spring! I will definitely be trying this recipe when the snow melts and the ground thaws! We have a beautiful asparagus crop in our garden, and I am always on the prowl for new recipes…love the idea of the ginger! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for stopping by the homestead over at stand upon grace, swing on in any time for a visit!

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    • How nice! I have a little crop in my back garden too, but I don’t grow asparagus, I guess they need a lot of water and it is difficult in my area. But I grow zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, artichokes and lettuce. What else do you grow?

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      • Hi Lety! Thank you for sharing! I love to talk gardens…especially in the winter months!!! We grow a very large organic garden where we try to preserve most of our own food for the year for our family of 6 🙂 We generally have damp springs here, so that is why the asparagus works for us…we collect rainwater and carry all our water to the garden, so I understand a limited water supply! We grow all the same crops as you do, plus corn, many varieties of hot peppers, green beans, kale, carrots, beans for drying and shelling, cucumbers, beets, potatoes, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, medicinal herbs, and oh! don’t forget the flowers…sunflowers, amaranth,giant zinnias, marigolds, & calendula. I am sure I am forgetting some things, but that gives a good idea of what we are growing. It is a work in progress and a labor of love!

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      • I hope to post some garden related goodies soon! 😉 We are blessed with plenty of space on our homestead, and are endlessly expanding our garden space! We are grateful for the abundance! I would love to try artichokes, maybe this year…time to fire up the tiller again!!!! 😉

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