Mango Salsa


Love mangos, and as a good mexican, love salsa too. So this Mango salsa combines the two in a perfect way, sweet, salty, spicy. As I walk into the grocery store and I see the pile of mangos calling me, I think how many things I can prepare with them. This time I decided to go with the salsa. I topped my shrimp tacos with it and I also top my fish with it the next da. Let me tell you, the next day was even better as all the flavors blended longer. The very little that wast left, I pour it over my simple salad, and was delicious too.




1 Mango

1 Jalapeño pepper

1 Lime (juice)

Bunch of fresh cilantro

Salt to taste



  • Chop mango and cilantro


  • Thinly slice jalapeño pepper

  • Mix them all together in a bowl and add lime juice and salt


  • Let marinade for at least one hour
  • Enjoy with shrimp tacos

  • Enjoy over grilled fish


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