Gorditas is similar to a mexican quesadilla. The tortilla is thicker so you are able to separate the top from the bottom and you fill it with what ever you have in mind. Very similar to a pita bread shape but much smaller and different texture, it is a tortilla. I found these tortillas that are a little bit thicker, but not as thick as a gordita. I went ahead and treat them as if they were. they were so good and even better since I could reduce the carb intake! I pair them with a green simple salad and they were so comfortably warm. I really enjoy them, I like having something warm in my meals, a cold salad won’t get me satisfied. This time I filled them with some rosted chicken and cheese.




1 Thick corn tortilla

1 Slice harvati cheese

1/2 cup pulled roasted chicken



  • Warm the tortillas flipping it on a skillet
  • When it starts to separate one side from the other pull it out of the heat and with a knife carefully finish separating the sides
  • Fill the “gordita” with cheese and chicken
  • Put it back on the skillet to finish warming on both sides

  • Let the tortilla turn a bit brown so it becomes a bit crunchy
  • Serve with a side salad




5 thoughts on “Gorditas

  1. You know..ever since I switched to a dairy free way of life I’ve enjoyed every last bit of it. HOWEVER, once every BLUE BLUE moon, I get a craving for a thick, cheesy quesadilla. This brought out that craving. πŸ™‚

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