A Twister went through my garden!

Well a few weeks ago a twister came into my garden. My fig tree broke and went down, my artichoke bush was completely destroyed, Tomato and zucchini flowers flew. Very sad and scary to deal with force of nature. The good news is that I lifted and put a “bandage” around my fig tree trunk. Looks like it worked, it is still green and alive. The artichoke bush has reborn, It is a little little bush now, I might not have any artichokes until next summer, but it is alive too. Few cherry tomatoes and zucchini are growing. And today I harvested TWO beets! One purple and one white. I made a nice salad with them and feels so good that after all the trouble, I was able to eat something from my garden, that I harvested with my own hands and I am certain it is completely organic!



3 cups of mix greens

2 Beets

1/4 Cup gorgonzola crumbs

1 shredded carrot

8 cherry tomatoes halved

Splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dress

Salt and pepper



  • Peel beets and roast them in oven at 350ΒΊF for 40 minutes
  • Chop beets in small cubes, cut cherry tomatoes in half and grate carrot

  • In a bowl put all the ingredients
  • Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Toss and ready to eat!


My beet plant:



My harvest:

15 thoughts on “A Twister went through my garden!

  1. An awesome example of life handing you lemons…the lemonade may sometimes look like awesome salad and restoring foliage on much loved plants. Thanks for the storyline with your your delectables.

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  2. How very humbling and frightening.And how quickly ones life could change when the force of nature is so strong. I love your beets and am so happy for your harvest and the meal you made form them !

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