Toast topped with Greek Yogurt and Blueberries

This is barely a recipe, more, is just an idea for a healthy delicious breakfast on a busy schedule. Just  toast a slice of bread spread greek thick yogurt and top it with your choice of fruit. This time I used blueberries, they add the perfect amount of sweetness to the toast. If you want more. you could add a drizzle of honey. Enjoy!!


Poached egg on a portobello

With this prefect breakfast you will start your day in the best way! Low carb vegetable, healthy fats and protein. Lay a poached egg over a cooked Portobello sprinkle some red pepper flakes to add some spiciness and then let the runny yolk be your creamy sauce.


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Good Version of Pancakes with Apple Topping


This morning I just needed something sweet for breakfast. These pancakes came out amazingly good and filled up my sweet tooth with out going over the board with sugar and without adding any artificial sweeteners either. So they were very satisfying. Enjoy!


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Delicious Healthy Loaded Potato


How about this delicious breakfast!! This is a healthy loaded potato. Swap the regular potato for a sweet potato, which have fewer calories and more fiber. Then prepare some scramble eggs with spinach and there you go! You have a healthy topping. This is so good! The sweetness of the potato, the bitterness of the spinach, saltines of the egg and I added a little bit of this awesome hot chilli sauce that my son brought me from Hatch (great place well known for growing beautiful tasty chillies)! You have an explosion of great flavors in your mouth! Just Delicious!


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Avocado Toast


There is no excuse to have such a delicious breakfast. It is easy, full of flavor, healthy and prepared in no time!

Poached egg = protein, checked

Avocado = healthy fat, checked

Toast = healthy whole grain protein carb, checked

Red paprika = natural spice, cecked

Overall, this is a very well balanced breakfast to start you day in a delicious way!


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Migas con Huevo


My father has been in my mind lately. His birthday and the anniversary of his departure were fairly recent. I miss him, he was a very honest hardworking man and admirably, he was always in a very good mood. I remember he loved migas con huevo, he could have it for breakfast or dinner. The first thing that came to his mind when mom asked him what he wanted to eat, was Migas con Huevo.

It is such a simple yet delicious dish. I must have passed this crave to my children, because I also remember them as little children climbing on a chair to chop the tortillas for me to prepare the eggs.

Hope you like this way to prepare eggs that bring me such good memories. Serve them with salsa, some avocado slices or refried beans.


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Green Chile Egg Muffins


This green egg muffins are loaded with protein, fiber and flavor! Very simple, Green chiles and cilantro add such a great seasoning that they don’t need anything else. Spinach add vitamins, iron and fiber. Eggs add the protein that you need to start you day. I find egg muffins so convenient because they keep for several days in your refrigerator and you can pop them in the microwave to have a healthy quick breakfast. They make a very healthy snack too!


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Flourless Almond Macadamia Muffins


It has been a while since I don’t bake. It is snowing and gray, so with this kind of weather I’d love to have a hot cup of coffee with a nice nutritious muffin.

Yesterday morning  my little puppies ( I have two 3 lb Chihuahuas) were urging me to take them out. They didn’t understand it was cold and snowing. It was so cold that Rhea didn’t want to step outside the door mat and Romulo who is more adventurous, walked about 6 feet away when he started limping on one leg and then another leg and before he could come back to the mat he wasn’t able to walk. This happen in a matter of seconds. I carried both of them and went in side. They spent the rest of the morning next to the fire-place.

This muffins are delicious! Only good things in there like almonds, macadamias, coconut flakes. They freeze perfectly, pop them in the microwave and you can have a healthy warm breakfast! Give them a try, and let me know how you like them!


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Breakfast on the run


It is snowing…. again…. That means it is very cold outside and I’m looking for an easy warm breakfast that warms me up. I love this kind of breakfast, I relay on this when I have a busy day ahead. So simple and warm but at the same time tasty and sweet. I bet you have all the ingredients in your fridge. A nice bread, cottage cheese and maple syrup. It is like when you’re tasting a gourmet cheese over a cracker with a special jam or honey, oh! Well this is much simpler but with the same feeling. You are going to become a fan of it!


Serves 1

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Root Vegetables


This time I prepared some roasted root vegetables. Turns out, they are very good for you! Don’t just pay attention to the starch content. Most of them contain folate, manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, B6, and iron. Maybe because they are submerged in soil that they absorb all this nutrients straight next to them in the ground.

I choose: red potatoes (maintain bone health), carrots (good for your eye vision), parsnips (regulate immune response), sweet potatoes (contain twice as much fiber than regular potatoes and this gives them a slow burning quality) and beets,(have a lot of nitrates which brings oxygen to your muscles. This is huge for athletes because it helps exercise longer. I would love their pigment would travel all the way to my cheeks!!). Of course this is just an example of all the health benefits of including root vegetables to your diet.

Lets not forget about the rosemary, it stimulates the immune system, contains anti-inflammatory compounds and improves your concentration by increasing the blood flow to your brain.

Have them for breakfast with a poached egg or for dinner with a nice steak, as a side on your next meal, or as a compliment of a green salad.


Serves 4

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