Baked Eggs



Today it is so cold out there that I needed a comfort food breakfast. So I went to my roots and prepared some mexican style baked eggs. Some ingredients typical in Mexican recipes are: tomato, onion, chile (serrano) and garlic. I used some fresh herbs and immediately all the aromas started to warm up my kitchen and my home. And soon enough my tummy too! This is the perfect breakfast for the weekend!


Makes 3 eggs

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Weekend Breakfast


I have the perfect breakfast for the weekend, when you have a little more time to slowly savour all the great flavors in this french toast. The vanilla, the orange, the coconut! You could prepare them plain or just orange or just coconut. Actualy I think the whole combination is perfect!

And who said french toast couldn’t be healthy?! Let me tell you, find a good bread to start with. I found this Powerseed bread at the grosery store, it is organic with 6g of protein, 6g of fiber and 500mg of omega-3 per slice. In addition to the eggs, milk and oatmeal that I’m preparing it with. Enjoy this indulgent breakfast and let me know!


Serves 1 (2 pieces of bread)

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Soaked Oats


I’ve been working at home cleaning and getting rid of many things in my closets. Oh! It is unbelievable how such a small space can storage so many things! So it has been almost like a work out! climbing up and down the ladder, reaching up and down for boxes and suitcases. Carrying things from one place to another and still I have to put everything back in place. So last night I was thinking I needed a special kind of breakfast so I could have a boost in my energy and don’t give up on this command that I decided to undertake. Go for oats! I thought.

Oats are very healthy and they are even more heathy when raw. Cooking alters the structure of the food we eat and most of the time reduce its nutritious value. Raw oats gives you almost 5 times more energy, protein, fiber, minerals (such as calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium) and vitamins. Isn’t it incredible how much is lost in the cooking process? Besides, I think they are better raw than cooked, I like more their consistency when soaked. So simple and easy, just throw everything in a container, and put it in the fridge the night before.


Serves 1

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Morning for Pancakes


This morning I saw my bananas getting ripe, great! I can do lots of things with ripe bananas. One of my favorite is this simple pancake recipe which is made in no time, no mess. The ripe bananas give the natural sweetener to this recipe so you don’t have to add any more sugar. Can’t believe I didn’t used to like bananas! They used to be sitting there getting ripe until I started to experiment with them. So give it a second thought before you trow away ripe bananas!

This is low sugar, low-fat, gluten-free, vegetarian and of course, delicious!


Serves 1

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Chasing The Sun


Well Ricky is going to warmer weather. He needs to train and here is too cold to be on his bike. So in other words, he is chasing the sun. Last night we prepared a healthy homemade granola for him to take on his trip. It is so good, so delicious, with no refined sugar added, low-fat, gluten-free, full of grains, just good nutrients for you, and with wonderful flavors. What more can you ask?

You can enjoy granola in so many ways. You may have it with cold milk as a cold cereal, with hot milk as a warm cereal, with fruit and yogurt, just by itself as a snack or even over your ice cream! Feel free to change the added nuts or dried fruit. Customize it to your taste.


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Sun is Out



It is a beautiful morning, the sun is out and I’m ready to enjoy the sunshine on my face. I would like something easy and full of flavor for breakfast. Today I’m preparing a yogurt parfait. I’m talking about layers of thick plain greek yogurt, fruit and granola. The tartness of the yogurt, the sweetness of the fruit and the crunchiness of the granola is what gives the great taste to each bite.



Serves 2

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