I have a friend who is an Amuzgo indian and speak the Amuzgo dialect. She speaks spanish too (thankfully). She is very dear to me and my family. She is from the south of Mexico, from the State of Guerrero.

Every time she goes and visit her family, she brings us something. Once she brought lemon grass which I planted in my garden. Other time she brought a kind of green beans that are very big (gigantic), I also planted them in my garden. Last time she visited her family she brought us homemade chocolate. I mean real homemade chocolate made from scratch, from picking up the cacao from the cacao tree! At the ranch, her family have several different plants and trees. Among them Cacao and sugar cane. Continue reading


Finger Food Idea for Super Bowl


We are all into Super Bowl mode! It will be an interesting one!  The Seahawks defending their Super Bowl title and The Patriots trying to win their fourth! So I guess we all have an appointment schedule for February the 1st! At least I do. So, to be prepared, I made this simple yet delicious baskets. They are a healthy option, because we still can have healthy options while watching TV, vegetarian, gluten-free and low-fat. Enjoy them!

I like both teams, who are you cheering for?


Makes 12 baskets

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Christmas Eve


Let’s not forget the main celebration of Christmas: the celebration of the birth of Jesus. God gave us the greatest gift of all, his own son. Jesus, the prince of peace, would grow to show us the way of life, the pathway to God, and eternal life.

And yes, I believe that it is time to make peace with ourselves and with those around us to show that we care about them. This involves getting together, having delicious food, and giving gifts.

Today I am preparing a very easy last minute dessert that is delicious and healthy (yes, you read right: healthy!). It only requires strawberries, yogurt, and pecans. This dessert looks so pretty and tastes like a little popsicle full of flavor. Prepare them ahead of time and stick them in the freezer.




Makes 20 popsicles

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December the 12th


We are all into Christmas Spirit, it will be here before we know it! Can’t wait to see, chat and share precious moments with all my loved ones. But before that, today is December the 12th and it is the day we celebrate The Virgin of Guadalupe “The Patroness of Mexico”

A little bit of history, The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the indian Juan Diego when he was on his way to look for help for his sick uncle. The Virgin told him his uncle was already healthy. She asked him to go up the Tepeyac Hill where he would find some roses, a place and time of the year they didn’t grow. Then take the roses to the Bishop as a testimony of her appearances and ask for the construction of a temple. So Juan Diego went to the bishop and the Virgin revealed an image of herself on the apron where he had been carrying the roses. This was the fourth time The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego. Since then, December the 12th 1531, we celebrate the miraculous act.


I’m sharing with you these easy, healthy little sweets. Because we all need a little bit of sweet in our lives, who can deny that? They are so delicious. Just good ingredients in them. No added sugar, gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy, no bake, simple and you can cover them with your signature coating, here I give you some ideas.



Makes 30 little balls

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Chasing The Sun


Well Ricky is going to warmer weather. He needs to train and here is too cold to be on his bike. So in other words, he is chasing the sun. Last night we prepared a healthy homemade granola for him to take on his trip. It is so good, so delicious, with no refined sugar added, low-fat, gluten-free, full of grains, just good nutrients for you, and with wonderful flavors. What more can you ask?

You can enjoy granola in so many ways. You may have it with cold milk as a cold cereal, with hot milk as a warm cereal, with fruit and yogurt, just by itself as a snack or even over your ice cream! Feel free to change the added nuts or dried fruit. Customize it to your taste.


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Pecan Harvest Season


Love pecans, I bet you can tell by my main blog’s picture. Right now is harvest season. My husband has been working so hard. Today I’m roasting some pecans with fresh rosemary. They are super delicious. They are great snack or even you can add them to your salads. Can’t wait for my husband to come home and try them!



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