Cabbage Leek Soup


I like to have a nice warm bowl of soup when it is cool cloudy outside. It seems to be leeks season, so I decided to do something delicious with them.

I’ve mentioned cabbage have many health benefits like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer prevention, digestive tract and cardiovascular support. In addition to the health benefits, both leeks and cabbage, are a low carb vegetable and contains fiber, so I guess we should include them more often to our diet. They pair very well, so enjoy this comfty easy to prepare soup.


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Molcajete Salsa


This is a Molcajete. It is a utensil that the indians created to grind vegetables to prepare all different kind of salsas. It is made out of volcanic rock. It is like a bowl with three legs and a separate oval stone.

Today I made salsa, have I mentioned that we all Mexicans love to pour salsa over everything? Well yes, we do. Tabasco can’t beat a real homemade salsa. And even better, a blander can’t beat a molcajete, it gives the salsa such a nice different texture. That is why I still use it.

This is a really spicy (hot) salsa, but we love spiciness too! You may adapt the ingredients to your convenience.


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Chicken with Leeks, Sundried Tomatos, Mushrooms and Rosemary


This recipe came out of the blue, and I really, really liked it. It has all the ingredients I like. As all my recipes it is simple, easy and delicious. The aromas while cooking and while eating are so great, I barely waited to be ready!

Plenty of vegetables, you can have your dinner prepared all at the same time. Better, slow cooker will do it for you!


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Regular Bun, Thin Bun or No Bun!


Today I cooked this absolutely delicious steak burgers! When I cook burgers at home, I like to have them without the bun, with cheese on top and some avocado slices. My husband had it with a thin bun, but this part is completely up to you.

This time I used two kind of cheeses. I topped it with gorgonzola cheese and then layered a thin slice of mild cheddar to cover the gorgonzola, I really liked it! Don’t forget about the avocado. Mmm! Just delicious!

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Just Tostadas!


The meal schedule in Mexico is different from the one in US. In Mexico we eat breakfast early in the morning, around 7 am, depending on school or work (or gym). Then our main meal is during lunch time, usually around 2:00 – 2:30 pm. This is a big meal, not like a lunch salad, it is a complete meal. People go to their homes during a 2 hour “lunch break”. Then dinner comes at around 8:00 pm also depending on what time you finish your duties. Because dinner is late, it is a lighter meal, like a simple salad, sandwich, quesadilla or tostadas. Sometimes I like one schedule better than the other, but I guess I get used to it really quickly depending on where I am at the time.

Today it is Tostadas turn! My husband love bean tostadas. I guess they give him the perfect energy for next day’s early cycling.

You can top tostadas with what ever comes to your mind, like avocado, ground beef, shredded beef, shredded chicken, shrimp, you name it! This time I decided to prepare the most traditional I know: bean tostadas, enjoy them!

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Stuffed Zucchini


I love this kind of zucchini, for some reason I find them milder in flavor that the darker green zucchini. This kind of zucchini is called “calabacita mayera” first I though that the had this name because they were related in some way to the mayan indians, in the US I have to go the mexican market to buy them. It turns out that they are called like that because they are mostly harvested in the month of may! Ha! So I had to laugh a little bit about my self because of my ignorance. You may laugh too…

They are very light, easy to prepare, delicious and filling.

I like them because I can prepare them ahead of time. I cook them fairly often and every time I cook them everybody enjoy them very much, hope you do to!


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Mini Meatloafs with a Mexican Twist


This mini meatloafs are just a little bomb of flavors! So good I know you’re going to become a fan of them! Very healthy lean ground beef and special combination of vegetables, all natural, lined with a thin slice of prosciutto just delicious! They have a mexican twist with the jalapeño pepper. I added flaxseed instead of bread crumbs, I just loved how they came out!! They freeze perfectly, so you can make a big batch and have them ready when you need them.


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Migas con Huevo


My father has been in my mind lately. His birthday and the anniversary of his departure were fairly recent. I miss him, he was a very honest hardworking man and admirably, he was always in a very good mood. I remember he loved migas con huevo, he could have it for breakfast or dinner. The first thing that came to his mind when mom asked him what he wanted to eat, was Migas con Huevo.

It is such a simple yet delicious dish. I must have passed this crave to my children, because I also remember them as little children climbing on a chair to chop the tortillas for me to prepare the eggs.

Hope you like this way to prepare eggs that bring me such good memories. Serve them with salsa, some avocado slices or refried beans.


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Spaghetti Squash


I know the internet is full of spaghetti squash recipes. I recently discovered it and I found it amazing! You may have it if you are following a gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or paleo diet,  or just for the fun of it! I rather eat a vegetable, which gives me fiber, energy carbs and vitamins, than just plain energy carbs from pasta. It is very easy to make and it comes out so delicious! It absorbs what ever condiment it may come to your mind.

Here is how I prepare it, scroll dow to find 2 ways to serve it, one with my Pesto Paste and another with ricotta and tomato sauce. Both of them delicious! Give it a try!


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Stuffed Bell Peppers


This stuffed bell peppers are so good, they are easy to make and they look so pretty!  They work very well for a regular family dinner or they present great at your next reunion. They can be made ahead of time and just reheat them at your convenience. I’m sure you are going to like them as much as I do!



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