December the 12th


We are all into Christmas Spirit, it will be here before we know it! Can’t wait to see, chat and share precious moments with all my loved ones. But before that, today is December the 12th and it is the day we celebrate The Virgin of Guadalupe “The Patroness of Mexico”

A little bit of history, The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the indian Juan Diego when he was on his way to look for help for his sick uncle. The Virgin told him his uncle was already healthy. She asked him to go up the Tepeyac Hill where he would find some roses, a place and time of the year they didn’t grow. Then take the roses to the Bishop as a testimony of her appearances and ask for the construction of a temple. So Juan Diego went to the bishop and the Virgin revealed an image of herself on the apron where he had been carrying the roses. This was the fourth time The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego. Since then, December the 12th 1531, we celebrate the miraculous act.


I’m sharing with you these easy, healthy little sweets. Because we all need a little bit of sweet in our lives, who can deny that? They are so delicious. Just good ingredients in them. No added sugar, gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy, no bake, simple and you can cover them with your signature coating, here I give you some ideas.



Makes 30 little balls

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Flan for tonight



Meet my little puppies, Romulo and Rhea. Romulo a 7 year old short hair Chihuahua. Rhea a 6 years old half short hair-half long hair Chihuahua. Both in honor to my hometown, haha! They are so spoiled, so intelligent, they are always making their way to get a treat. With the cold weather, they don’t like to go out, Rhea immediately starts crying and Romulo starts shaking. I love to watch them lay by the sun or by the fire-place while I’m cooking. So…Flan for tonight? This recipe y so, so easy and delicious. This time I’m adding coconut and pecans, this is optional but I bet it will come out even better!



Serves 8

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