Ups! Disclaimer


Well, Spring Break is over for both my children who are still in school. It was very nice to have them home. I had them one at the time, so I could spoil them individually. I don’t like this, I rather have my full family at the same time. But that’s how it works and I can’t do anything about it. I missed my oldest son who is racing in Europe (he is a professional cyclist) but he doesn’t have spring breaks anymore, I won’t see him until the summer, but he is very good at keeping in touch with e-mails, texts and FaceTime calls.

Anyway, when my children where home, they both told me (separately) how in my posts I have mishaps, grammar and spelling errors, and phrases that they can see I am translating from spanish and they don’t write them like that in english. We where laughing and laughing! I was defending my writing and they where trying to make me understand that they don’t say it that way in english much less write it. I speak spanish to all my family, I don’t want my children to forget their spanish, besides, it feels awkward to talk to them in english. English is my second language and I still speak more spanish than english on a daily basis.

Then, just two days ago, I was talking to my oldest son, and turns out he was correcting me too!!! So then I tought that they MUST be right!!

After laughing for a little bit, I kept thinking, am I such a bad writer? I hope not, and hope you can understand my ideas and my recipes. So… I truly apologize for all the dumb things I’ve written and might still write! Just laugh with me and not about me, and thank you for still follow me 🙂