Very Colorful

IMG_0999Festivities are here, so I prepared a very colorful dish ideal for your special dinners. It can be served as a main dish or it will pair easily with the main course of your choice. Besides colorful, it is prepared with a double purpose. This healthy brown rice is packed with nutrients from the veggies, garlic and fresh ginger to add great taste and boost our immune system. It will help us keep healthy during this cold winter weather. At the same time it is very refreshing, so you can serve this dish year round.

The key ingredient to this dish is garlic and ginger, besides that, you can add the veggies of your choice, or just simply throw in what ever you have in your fridge! If you want some spiciness, add a few drops of sriracha sauce. Enjoy!



Serves 2 (as main dish)

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