Chiles en Nogada


Today we commemorate the independence of Mexico. This is a perfect way to celebrate it. The “Chiles en Nogada” are a Poblano chile stuffed with a special ground beef stew covered with a pecan cream sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate. It is a delicious typical mexican dish that has a very interesting story behind. Tells the story, that the Agustin Nuns from the Santa Monica Convent in Puebla, Mexico, invented this recipe to honor Agustin de Iturbide who just had signed the independence of Mexico in Cordoba, Veracruz. The Chiles are very colorful resembling the Mexican Flag, green, white and red. Hope you enjoy such a delicious traditional Mexican dish.


Serves 8

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Creel, Sierra Tarahumara

Creel is a little town in the Sierra Tarahumara, which is located in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. It is home of the Copper Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in Mexico. It is 7 times deeper than the Grand Canyon. The Tarahumara indians live here. They are admirable strong people. Because some of them still live in caves in the mountains, they walk a large amount of miles to travel from one place to the next.

This weekend my husband and I went to visit Creel. I’ve been there many times, and it never looses its charm. Where cultures collide, Tarahumara indians, american and european truism and people from the town. I walked all around town, visit the plaza, where there is a monument to Enrique Creel, whom the town is named after. He built the railroad Chihuahua-Pacifico, was an economist, business man, banker and politician. Governor of the State, Foreign Secretary, and Mexican Embassador in Washington. I saw the indians selling their handmade crafts to make their living. But what I enjoy the most is admiring the wonderful views of the mountains and the beautiful blue skys. So big that I wasn’t able to fit them in my camera.

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Christmas Eve


Let’s not forget the main celebration of Christmas: the celebration of the birth of Jesus. God gave us the greatest gift of all, his own son. Jesus, the prince of peace, would grow to show us the way of life, the pathway to God, and eternal life.

And yes, I believe that it is time to make peace with ourselves and with those around us to show that we care about them. This involves getting together, having delicious food, and giving gifts.

Today I am preparing a very easy last minute dessert that is delicious and healthy (yes, you read right: healthy!). It only requires strawberries, yogurt, and pecans. This dessert looks so pretty and tastes like a little popsicle full of flavor. Prepare them ahead of time and stick them in the freezer.




Makes 20 popsicles

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Gloomy Day


It is a cloudy, gloomy day. It is getting colder and tomorrow it is supposed to snow. So what a better day for baking and let the good kitchen aromas brighten my day?!

I’ve been meaning to bake some nice morning, nutritious, breakfast muffins. I came up with this idea and it turn out so delicious, it made my day! You know, only the best is in here, coconut oil, flaxseed, bananas, raspberries… Bet you cant wait to try them.

This can be a perfect Christmas morning breakfast! They freeze perfectly, can be made ahead of time, and microwave them just before serving.



Serves 18

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December the 12th


We are all into Christmas Spirit, it will be here before we know it! Can’t wait to see, chat and share precious moments with all my loved ones. But before that, today is December the 12th and it is the day we celebrate The Virgin of Guadalupe “The Patroness of Mexico”

A little bit of history, The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to the indian Juan Diego when he was on his way to look for help for his sick uncle. The Virgin told him his uncle was already healthy. She asked him to go up the Tepeyac Hill where he would find some roses, a place and time of the year they didn’t grow. Then take the roses to the Bishop as a testimony of her appearances and ask for the construction of a temple. So Juan Diego went to the bishop and the Virgin revealed an image of herself on the apron where he had been carrying the roses. This was the fourth time The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego. Since then, December the 12th 1531, we celebrate the miraculous act.


I’m sharing with you these easy, healthy little sweets. Because we all need a little bit of sweet in our lives, who can deny that? They are so delicious. Just good ingredients in them. No added sugar, gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy, no bake, simple and you can cover them with your signature coating, here I give you some ideas.



Makes 30 little balls

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Very Colorful

IMG_0999Festivities are here, so I prepared a very colorful dish ideal for your special dinners. It can be served as a main dish or it will pair easily with the main course of your choice. Besides colorful, it is prepared with a double purpose. This healthy brown rice is packed with nutrients from the veggies, garlic and fresh ginger to add great taste and boost our immune system. It will help us keep healthy during this cold winter weather. At the same time it is very refreshing, so you can serve this dish year round.

The key ingredient to this dish is garlic and ginger, besides that, you can add the veggies of your choice, or just simply throw in what ever you have in your fridge! If you want some spiciness, add a few drops of sriracha sauce. Enjoy!



Serves 2 (as main dish)

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