Ginger-Lemongrass Stir Fry

I’ve mentioned that I have some plants in my backyard. Among them, I have some lemongrass. I use it to infuse water or make tea, which by the way it is very good for an upset stomach. This time I decided to use it in my main dish, a stir fry. I combined it with ginger and the flavour came trough nicely. I paired it with some brown rice that I cooked with garlic and cilantro. If you are following a low carb diet you can omit the rice and add more veggies and you will end up very satisfied. It is delicious as is, but you can be creative adding different kind of vegetables or switch red meat for chicken. Enjoy!



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Good Version of Pancakes with Apple Topping


This morning I just needed something sweet for breakfast. These pancakes came out amazingly good and filled up my sweet tooth with out going over the board with sugar and without adding any artificial sweeteners either. So they were very satisfying. Enjoy!


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Mango Salsa


Love mangos, and as a good mexican, love salsa too. So this Mango salsa combines the two in a perfect way, sweet, salty, spicy. As I walk into the grocery store and I see the pile of mangos calling me, I think how many things I can prepare with them. This time I decided to go with the salsa. I topped my shrimp tacos with it and I also top my fish with it the next da. Let me tell you, the next day was even better as all the flavors blended longer. The very little that wast left, I pour it over my simple salad, and was delicious too.


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Shrimp Ceviche

Ceviche is a mexican dish very common of the coast. You can make it with any kind of fish or seafood. The fish/seafood is cooked in lime juice, but I prepare it with fully cooked shrimp. It is very refreshing as it is served cold. Perfect for a hot summer day! I love it, it is so light and flavorful. Very easy to make, just let it time to marinade and the flavors combine.

It makes a great appetizer or main dish. Serve it with come crackers or corn tostadas; over avocado, the creaminess of the avocado pairs excellent with the bold flavors.


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Parmesan Chicken Fingers

This is a great way to “bread” chicken fingers without actually using bread! Tha parmesan provides a delicious crust cover for the chicken fingers.

Very easy to make for a quick lunch or dinner. Serve them over a salad if you want to be super healthy. Serve it over pasta, rice or steam vegetables.


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Tomatillo Panela Salad


This is a salad that is perfect for this spring days. Very refreshing!  Panela is a white, light, fresh cow’s milk cheese. Combined with tomatillos, cilantro and lime juice becomes a delightful salad or a great appetizer. Serve it over corn tortilla chips and top it with salted yogurt.


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Delicious Healthy Loaded Potato


How about this delicious breakfast!! This is a healthy loaded potato. Swap the regular potato for a sweet potato, which have fewer calories and more fiber. Then prepare some scramble eggs with spinach and there you go! You have a healthy topping. This is so good! The sweetness of the potato, the bitterness of the spinach, saltines of the egg and I added a little bit of this awesome hot chilli sauce that my son brought me from Hatch (great place well known for growing beautiful tasty chillies)! You have an explosion of great flavors in your mouth! Just Delicious!


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Salmon with a Horseradish-Dill Sause



I’m feeling a little bit frustrated. I just spent one hour and thirty minutes trying to make a copy. Only to find out that this paper is too big and it doesn’t fit in a regular scanner. Why they don’t say it from the very beginning and save me all that time! So I came back home, took a picture of it and printed. Came out pretty good. Hope I had thought about that from the very beginning and I would have saved me all that time.

Something refreshing that is perfect for spring. Easy, simple and full of flavor.


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Salad with a Beautiful Salmon Rose


Last time I went out to dinner with my siblings, I ended up eating spaghetti with meat balls and my husband some pizza, all what we are not supposed to eat if we want to lose some body fat. On the other hand, my siblings stuck with their diet and they had just a salad. Of course, nobody forced me to eat my spaghetti and I enjoyed it. But.. next time I saw them, I decided to invite them over and prepare a nice salad for everybody, after all they set the example. There are lots of vegetables in this salad and is garnished with a beautiful Salmon “rose”. Presentation is clue, we eat with our eyes. We had a lovely time and we all felt really good, satisfied without overeating.


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Cabbage Leek Soup


I like to have a nice warm bowl of soup when it is cool cloudy outside. It seems to be leeks season, so I decided to do something delicious with them.

I’ve mentioned cabbage have many health benefits like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer prevention, digestive tract and cardiovascular support. In addition to the health benefits, both leeks and cabbage, are a low carb vegetable and contains fiber, so I guess we should include them more often to our diet. They pair very well, so enjoy this comfty easy to prepare soup.


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