Stuffed Zucchini


I love this kind of zucchini, for some reason I find them milder in flavor that the darker green zucchini. This kind of zucchini is called “calabacita mayera” first I though that the had this name because they were related in some way to the mayan indians, in the US I have to go the mexican market to buy them. It turns out that they are called like that because they are mostly harvested in the month of may! Ha! So I had to laugh a little bit about my self because of my ignorance. You may laugh too…

They are very light, easy to prepare, delicious and filling.

I like them because I can prepare them ahead of time. I cook them fairly often and every time I cook them everybody enjoy them very much, hope you do to!


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Mini Meatloafs with a Mexican Twist


This mini meatloafs are just a little bomb of flavors! So good I know you’re going to become a fan of them! Very healthy lean ground beef and special combination of vegetables, all natural, lined with a thin slice of prosciutto just delicious! They have a mexican twist with the jalapeño pepper. I added flaxseed instead of bread crumbs, I just loved how they came out!! They freeze perfectly, so you can make a big batch and have them ready when you need them.


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Migas con Huevo


My father has been in my mind lately. His birthday and the anniversary of his departure were fairly recent. I miss him, he was a very honest hardworking man and admirably, he was always in a very good mood. I remember he loved migas con huevo, he could have it for breakfast or dinner. The first thing that came to his mind when mom asked him what he wanted to eat, was Migas con Huevo.

It is such a simple yet delicious dish. I must have passed this crave to my children, because I also remember them as little children climbing on a chair to chop the tortillas for me to prepare the eggs.

Hope you like this way to prepare eggs that bring me such good memories. Serve them with salsa, some avocado slices or refried beans.


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Lettuce Fish Tacos


I woke up to a beautiful sunny day that transported me to a beachy place, so I prepared this refreshing lettuce tacos before it snows… again… tomorrow. They are light full of flavour and the lettuce gives a very nice crunch to them. The slaw is delicious with the pineapple, kind of tropical feeling.

This recipe is suitable if you are following a low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free or paleo diet.


Makes 3 tacos

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Dia de la Bandera


Today is the day that we Mexicans commemorate our flag. Each component has a very significant meaning. In the center there is the National Emblem, which refers to the story of the Aztec Indians traveling for many many years looking for what their gods had told them to found their city: an eagle standing on a nopal devouring a serpent. The color meanings have changed over the years. Originally, the white represented religion, (Catholics political dominant in those days). Green, freedom (Independence obtain from the rising Mexican people). Red, union (as Americans and Europeans united building a new population).

Now, as the church was separated from the political state, the green means hope, the white unity and the red the blood of the national heroes.

So, based on this colors, I decided to prepare a dish with this beautiful bright colors. This is easy, and flavorful. All the ingredients make this dish spectacular and delicious it just draws your attention.



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Avocado Salsa


Let’s face it I’m Mexican and we ALL Mexicans love salsa. We pour salsa over everything we eat. We always have any kind of salsa stored in our refrigerators. We like to add the spiciness and another layer of flavor to our meals.

You are going to love this salsa, you’re going to want to pour this creamy salsa over everything! Do not mistake it for guacamole, this is salsa, thinner.

We all know avocados are loaded with healthy fats, fiber and various important nutrients. So let’s add some healthy spice to our meals!


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Happy Birthday Ricky!


Today is my son Ricky’s birthday. We had to celebrate it before he returned to Europe to join Cycling Team Roth-Skoda. To remind him we celebrated all the mexican flavors,  I’m posting this now, even though this happened 3 weeks ago. We all knew he will miss some good home-style beans. He asked me to prepare some “Enfrijoladas”.You can check how to prepare pinto beans on a previous post .

This mexican dish is similar to the enchiladas, but with a bean base salsa. Full of flavor, filling comfort food. This time I filled them with slow cooked chicken and cheese, but if you want to go vegetarian, you can omit the chicken and fill them just with cheese. Cotija cheese, mexican salty crumbly cheese, delicious. This cheese won’t melt, so you don’t have to fight the strings as you eat it (sometimes I do love filling my mouth with strings of cheese though).

You’ll enjoy them as much as Ricky did! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICKY!



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I have a friend who is an Amuzgo indian and speak the Amuzgo dialect. She speaks spanish too (thankfully). She is very dear to me and my family. She is from the south of Mexico, from the State of Guerrero.

Every time she goes and visit her family, she brings us something. Once she brought lemon grass which I planted in my garden. Other time she brought a kind of green beans that are very big (gigantic), I also planted them in my garden. Last time she visited her family she brought us homemade chocolate. I mean real homemade chocolate made from scratch, from picking up the cacao from the cacao tree! At the ranch, her family have several different plants and trees. Among them Cacao and sugar cane. Continue reading

Baked Eggs



Today it is so cold out there that I needed a comfort food breakfast. So I went to my roots and prepared some mexican style baked eggs. Some ingredients typical in Mexican recipes are: tomato, onion, chile (serrano) and garlic. I used some fresh herbs and immediately all the aromas started to warm up my kitchen and my home. And soon enough my tummy too! This is the perfect breakfast for the weekend!


Makes 3 eggs

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Simply Beans


Beans and corn tortillas, the base in almost every Mexican family diet. Proteins are built by amino acids. Animal proteins are considered good sources of complete protein. Vegetable proteins are considered incomplete proteins because they are missing, or do not have enough of, one or more of the essential amino acids. But, when we combine in this case, pinto beans and corn tortillas we complete a protein, because what beans are missing, the corn provides. It amaze me that before the Spanish came to Mexico to conquer the Aztec Indians, they had the diet figured out. Mainly they ate fruits, vegetables, beans and corn. To the corn the indians did a special procedure called “Nixtamalizacion” which consist in cooking the corn in water with lime (cal in spanish). With this process they prepared the “nixtamal” (the dough to make tortillas). This way the corn becomes easy to digest and adds calcium to it. Sadly some mexicans have been switching the corn tortillas for bread and does not provide de same nutritious effect.

Beans are very easy to cook, consider cooking them instead of buying a can, You don’t want all the sodium in those. I cook them in the slow cooker, I remember my mother when I was growing up, cooking them over the stove in a clay pot. I don’t think she owns that pot anymore!  I cook a load, then divide them in 1 or 2 serving size portion plastic bags and freeze them.

So here in honor of the Aztec Indians, I cook beans for you!


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