Tomato soup


Soups are my favorite during the winter. I like having something comforting, hot to warm my body. Since I love tomatoes, this is the way to go. Very easy, just 4 ingredients, light and healthy. I know you’re going to like it as much as I do and you will become a fan of it!

So let’s get started!


Serves 2

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Different kind of tacos!


Because Luis and my husband Ricardo are home and I know they LOVE mexican food, I’m preparing this meat recipe for tacos. It is very flavorful, comfort food perfect for the cold weather! This kind is pulled beef with new potatoes in fresh tomato sauce. Very easy prepared in the slow cooker so you can enjoy family time!

All you need to do is season the meat, put it in the slow cooker and pour blended tomatoes. Go to the movies, go for a hike, or watch football with your family while it cooks!

Serve it with some vegetables, avocado, rice or beans, and if you are brave enough, go ahead and try the serrano chili that gave its wonderful flavor to the meat!


Serves 6

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Stuffed Portobello


I like easy recipes, that is one of the reason I like these mexican stuffed Portobellos. They are very tasty with their earthy flavour and a kick from the jalapeño. Make the stuffing on the stove and finish them in the oven. You can enjoy them as a side or appetizer dish or if you want to go vegetarian, you can have them as your main dish.

Mushrooms grow only in the richest soils, this might be the reason they have many health benefits. They have vitamin B, which help us maintain a healthy metabolism and nervous system; and they are rich in minerals, like potassium, phosphorus, selenium and copper, these help us form strong bones, DNA, red blood cells and maintain a healthy immune system.

Recipe with in the recipe:

The stuffing in this recipe is delicious as a dip! You can enjoy it with tortilla chips! You don’t need to cook the cheese.



One Dish Meal


You know, Cold weather always calls for a hot comforting soup.

I’ve been so busy, the boys bedroom, (well they are grown up now, but always be my boys) flooded. Yes flooded. A water source in the sink broke. I don’t understand why if no body is there. Well the carpet was ruined, so I been having workers coming in and out my place to fix the sink, remove the carpet and install a hardwood floor. Done with carpets. Can you think how much work is to take everything out of one room and then put it all back together?! At the end it was good, we took a big trip to Good Will.

I was thinking I needed a one dish meal, something easy to prepare that didn’t need lots of supervision. So here is a great idea. Very nutritious, full of fiber, protein and iron, loads of flavors and texture. Love this soup, I don’t need anything to complete the meal, it is all in there! Yet it may be served as a side dish.


Serves 2

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Before Luis left


Well I am continuing with my children’s favorite dishes. What Luis likes the most is Mexican food! He loves any kind of “taquitos”. So last night before he left for school we had Pork Taquitos. Did I mentioned he is a soccer player? Yes, he plays for his school team, for a team in the city league and for an intramural team. So besides school, that keeps him very busy.

I like this kind of “taquitos”, because now that everybody is home, I don’t want to spend precious time in the kitchen, I rather be with them. So I prepared the meat before going to bed, in the morning I put it in the slow cooker and I can forget about it until dinner time! Isn’t that amazing? Because it slow-cooks, the meat is so tender, full of flavor with the mix of spices.

This is Luis, playing soccer of course



Serves 6

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I wanted to know a little bit more about the celebration of Thanksgiving, so I did some research (maybe you already know). What I found out is that the newly arrived Pilgrims were dying because they didn’t know how to survive in the new environment. The Wampanoag Indians helped the Pilgrims adapt to a new lifestyle and save food for the harsh winters of New England. The first Thanksgiving Feast took place on November 1621, when the two communities, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians, gather at Plymouth, MA for a harvest celebration.

So I invite you to give thanks for the food on our tables and for the good will of people who are present in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

And speaking of food, I leave you this easy and yummy Mexican Style Cornbread with rajas recipe.  Rajas are California green Chiles roasted seeded and cut in long stripes. Have a good time!



Makes 12 muffins


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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa


November the 20th is the celebration of the Mexican Revolution. It took place in 1910, the people rose up in arms against the President Porfirio Diaz who had been in power for over 30 years. Inspired by my country, I decided to cook a Spicy Tomatillo Salsa. This salsa will add flavor to your quesadillas, tacos, sandwiches, nachos, eggs, and you name it!


Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

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Turkey Breast with Chili Rub


Well this is what I mean about mixing American and Mexican Culture. Soon all my family will be home for Thanksgiving. I am preparing and this recipe looks just perfect, turkey and chili! Mmmm, my kitchen smells soo good and the best of all, it is very easy and no time-consuming. Let’s get started!




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Flan for tonight



Meet my little puppies, Romulo and Rhea. Romulo a 7 year old short hair Chihuahua. Rhea a 6 years old half short hair-half long hair Chihuahua. Both in honor to my hometown, haha! They are so spoiled, so intelligent, they are always making their way to get a treat. With the cold weather, they don’t like to go out, Rhea immediately starts crying and Romulo starts shaking. I love to watch them lay by the sun or by the fire-place while I’m cooking. So…Flan for tonight? This recipe y so, so easy and delicious. This time I’m adding coconut and pecans, this is optional but I bet it will come out even better!



Serves 8

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Cold weather calls for comforting food


So we are under the white cover of snow. My oldest son Ricky, who is a professional cyclist, is now off-season and he is visiting me, Hurray!! He is so active, he always encourages me to do different things. We went off for a hike! Of course we were well equipped, with a warm jacket, gloves and a wool hat. Back home, my kitchen and my appetite are calling for some comfort food. This meatballs in fresh tomato salsa recipe is not the italian style for spaghetti, it is the mexican style that has a spicy kick. You can enjoy them with corn tortillas, refried beans or simply (if you want to go light) some steam vegetables.



Serves 4

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