Mushroom Risotto

Continuing with the gluten-free diet, we (my son and I) prepared risotto. And OH! my, this mushroom risotto was so, so, so good. The porcini mushrooms give the risotto such a concentrated flavor that is very hard to resist. I noticed, that it is not a high calorie dish. If you prepare it the way I tell you here, stirring and letting the rice slowly cook and naturally become creamy. There is no need to add any cream, which is where the high calories come from. I know risotto is going to become you favorite dish from now on!


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Ricky’s Turn


As you know, I am spoiling my children preparing the food of their choice now that they are home. Today is Ricky’s turn. He loves italian food, but his favorite is risotto. So after a long hard training ride he refuels with carbs. By the time he gets home, dinner will be ready as a great surprise! I’m preparing a Red Wine Risotto, so delicious, my mouth melts. This dish can be served as a side or as a main course. It is vegetarian, gluten-free and most important, it is full of flavor.

Here is Ricky (in the middle) last season in Italy.



Serves 6

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