Before Luis left


Well I am continuing with my children’s favorite dishes. What Luis likes the most is Mexican food! He loves any kind of “taquitos”. So last night before he left for school we had Pork Taquitos. Did I mentioned he is a soccer player? Yes, he plays for his school team, for a team in the city league and for an intramural team. So besides school, that keeps him very busy.

I like this kind of “taquitos”, because now that everybody is home, I don’t want to spend precious time in the kitchen, I rather be with them. So I prepared the meat before going to bed, in the morning I put it in the slow cooker and I can forget about it until dinner time! Isn’t that amazing? Because it slow-cooks, the meat is so tender, full of flavor with the mix of spices.

This is Luis, playing soccer of course



Serves 6

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