Hamburguers with a surprise inside

I am a big fan of hamburgers and of blue cheese, so why not put them together?! I prepared this amazing patties and stuffed them with blue cheese, the result was delicious!! They were juicy and with the flavour of the blue cheese they didn’t need anything else (ketchup, I don’t like ketchup).

They are compatible with a low-carb and/or keto diet, gluten-free (no bread crumbs), healthy. Serve them with a simple salad or steamed vegetables.




1 lb Ground beef

4 oz Blue cheese

1 Egg

2 Tablespoon flax-seedΒ (for binding)

Salt to taste



  • Put all the ingredients into a bowl

  • Mix until well combined
  • Divide the meat into 8 meatballs

  • Make a patties out of the meatballs
  • Put one oz of blue cheese in the center of on patty

  • Cover with another patty pressing well on all sides

  • Heat a skillet on high
  • Cook the hamburgers for 4 minutes, do not move

  • Turn them over and cook of another 4 minutes
  • Cover and turn off heat
  • Let the hamburgers rest for 6 minutes. At this point the hamburgers should be cooked through, but not dry (It is not recommendable eat raw ground meat).

  • Enjoy!



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